9 Panel Sublimation Pillows

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These 9 Panel Sublimation Pillows are great for putting those memories that will last! Just pick your best photos, family photos, and bestie selfies, and sublimate them onto the pillow cover. The soft plush material will keep the vivid colors of your photos. Perfect gift idea for a new baby, wedding, housewarming, or graduation. Comes with a side zipper so you can easily fill the pillow with cotton, feathers or soft material of your choice. (Pillow filling not included)

Pressing Instructions:
Temperature: 385FTime: 60-80 secsPressure: Light-Medium
  1. Print a mirror image onto your choice of sublimation paper.
  2. Use a pressing pillow underneath the product to offer a smooth, even surface.
  3. Place paper face down on material.
  4. Cover with a non stick sheet.
  5. Press at 385 degrees F for 60-80 seconds with light-medium pressure.
  6. Remove paper immediately.