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Slightly Damaged - 3pc Gift Box Sublimation Tumbler Set

Slightly Damaged - 3pc Gift Box Sublimation Tumbler Set

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These gift box comes with one item inside them that is SLIGHTLY damaged. Meaning might have a small scratch or a very small dent either/or smaller then a dime size. I will be calling you before shipping package to verify with you the damage. As to everything in store is final sale and no refunds will be given. Store is closing, so everything is Final sale.

This Gift Box Tumbler Set are a Great Pre-Packaged Gift for every occasion! These tumblers feature a stainless steel inner tank too keep your beverages cool and warm for hours. They're encased in a polymer outer wrap for rich, full color transfers and a durable, premium feel.

This Gift Sets are perfect for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette gifts, and much more.


  • Sublimation wine tumbler blanks
  • Capacity: (2) 12oz ; (1) 17oz
  • Printable polymer outer wrap
  • Stainless steel inner tank
  • Can contain cold or hot beverages
  • Food grade material, BPA free
  • For use with a silicon wrap or heat shrink bag

Note: Be sure to remove lid before sublimating! 

Heat Press Instructions:
3D Vacuum Heat Press 
  • Press Temperature: 325°F
    Time: 150 - 165 Seconds 

    • Attach sublimation transfer paper with image printed in reverse to the tumbler with thermal tape
    • Place tumbler in press at the press temperature, and close the element around the tumbler
    • Press for the specified time above needed
    • If the image begins to look blurry, or burnt brown by over-pressing, decrease pressing time by 15 - 30 seconds
    • Once done, remove the tumbler from the press and remove the transfer paper immediately
    • Allow the tumbler to cool completely before use

    Oven Settings
    Press Temperature: 395°F
    Time: 6 - 7 Minutes
    (test in your oven for accurate time)
    • Attach reversed printed image to tumbler with thermal tape
    • Put the tumbler in the silicone wrap or heat shrink bag
    • Place in oven preheated to 395°F for approximately 6 - 7 minutes (test to determine best timing!)
    • Afterwards, remove heat shrink bag / wrap and transfer immediately
    • Allow the tumbler to cool completely before use
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