20oz Sports Straw Top Sublimation Water Bottle Tumbler

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The stainless steel construction is tough, being able to withstand more pressure in a mug press than aluminum. Choose from white or silver base colors, finished with premium sublimation coating for rich and exciting pigments! The straw cap is comfortable and spill-proof, great for a quick drink while on the move. Perfect for working out, cycling, hiking or anybody that needs to be in an upright position.

Note: Be sure to remove the cap and straw before pressing!

4-in-1 Mug Press

Press Temperature: 320°F
Time: 150 - 180 Seconds
Pressure: Medium/Firm

  • Attach sublimation transfer paper with image printed in reverse to the bottle with thermal tape
  • Place bottle in press at the press temperature, and close the element around the bottle
  • Press for the specified time above needed using specified pressure
  • If the image begins to look blurry, or burnt brown by over-pressing, decrease time by 15 - 30 seconds
  • Once done, remove the bottle from the press and remove the transfer paper immediately
  • Allow the water bottle to cool completely before use

Oven Settings

Press Temperature: 400°F
Time: 6 - 10 Minutes
(test in your oven for accurate time)

  • Attach reversed printed image to water bottle with thermal tape
  • Wrap silicone wrap around water bottle surface and clasp at handle
  • Place in oven preheated to 400°F for approximately 6 - 10 minutes (test to determine best timing!)
  • Afterwards, remove wrap and transfer immediately
  • Allow the water bottle to cool completely before use