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Aluminum Rectangle Sublimation Keychain - Top Corner Hole

Aluminum Rectangle Sublimation Keychain - Top Corner Hole

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These keychains come with a Bright white sublimation surface and Silver Back surface.
You can add any image, quote or photo to both sides to maximize exposure. Key chains are simple, everyday products that are always in demand. Our key chains include rings. 
Size:  1.5" x 3" x .025"

Pressing Instructions:
Temperature: 400F
Time: 35-45 secs
Pressure: Medium
1. Print image in reverse
2. Check for protective film before pressing
3. Place in heat press with transfer on top
4. Press according to above time/temperature/pressure
5. After pressing, remove paper immediately.

*For pressing both sides at once:
Print images in reverse, attach on both sides using heat tape
Press at 400F for 45-65 seconds
After pressing, remove paper immediately

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