Sublimation Car Flag and Pole

Sublimation Car Flag and Pole

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These car flags are great for team events, company functions, etc.
They're Bright white Double Ply-Sided 100% Polyester.
Plastic stick w/ molded clip included.
Open on one end (opposite stick) for better movement

Please be sure to put a disclaimer on your product that states the flags and poles will not withstand high speeds. 

Flags are Sold INDIVIDUALLY not in pairs.

Pressing Instructions for Sublimation Car Flags

  • Temperature: 400F
  • Time: 30-45 seconds
  • Pressure: Medium
  1. Print image in reverse
  2. Lint roll Flag; Pre-Press for 20 seconds at 400 degree's
  3. Insert Teflon sheet to block ink penetration between plys. Place in heat press with transfer on top. 
  4. Press according to above time/temperature/pressure
  5. After pressing, remove paper immediately.

Do Not press nylon seem - it may melt
**For best results, use a teflon sheet or teflon pillow between the two layers to avoid image migration